Submitting Like A Man (SLAM) was created by writer Mya Kagan. The project examines what happens when Mya resubmits scripts to previously rejected opportunities, this time using a man’s name.

The project is currently (as of January 2017) in-process; the first scripts were sent out in Fall 2015 and still continue to be sent out. This blog discusses what happens as responses are received. For a more detailed overview, read Manning Up, the post from the blog’s launch in January 2016. SLAM has been read over 13,000 times and counting.

You can follow the project here and @theSLAMblog.

Also be sure to check out Mya’s spinoff project of SLAM, The Future Is Female Festival.

Mya Kagan is a writer based in New York (ahem, Brooklyn) whose work is known for being a spiky blend of smart, lively, deliciously absurd, and wildly entertaining.

headshot-1799Favorite shows include Play Chunks! in Ars Nova’s ANT Fest and Puppet Love at the American Globe (Festival Finalist & Honorable Mention for Best Show), as well as readings and workshops with New Dramatists, FRESH PRODUCE’d, Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab, Dixon Place, Bechdel Group, and more. In 2012, Mya participated in the 10×10 Professional Development Series, where she was selected for development by Big Beach Films (the producers of Little Miss Sunshine). In 2014, she spent a day in the window at Drama Book Shop in New York City as part of Write Out Front, an installation of working writers. Mya also performs improv and works as a freelancer, and has been hired to write everything from webisodes to online dating profiles (really).

Mya is also half South African, a freckly person, and a summertime enthusiast. Strawberries are her life force.
www.myakagan.com • @Mya_Mya.